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Talent Engineering Technology complements 'soft people skills' with hard data to hire-train-manage-coach-engage-retain people

MEASURES - Complete the HR Analytics Puzzle


HR Puzzle: How to Objectively MEASURE Talent on High-Achievable Standards

Most HR pros are missing the analytic tools to objectively MEASURE performance and talent on high-achievable standards. The cost includes bad hires, low productivity, job dissatisfaction, low engagement, excessive training costs, plus absenteeism and what's the answer?

Solution: Talent Engineering Technology

Talent Engineering Technology fills the missing pieces to your talent puzzles with  science-based tools-methods to assess talent and objectively measure each employee or leader's strengths and development priorities.  The technology  stems from 2 decades of research on successful people.     

Our Standards-Measures Help Solve Talent Puzzles

1) Our tools define-communicate high-achievable STANDARDS

Successful people, teams, and organizations thrive on high-achievable targets

High performance and work-life success begin with high-achievable standards.  Our technology was designed to identify and communicate them   

2) Talents are better understood and managed with our MEASURES

5 Levels of Measurement substantially improves your understanding of what causes performance

We can help you to quickly pinpoint underlying causes of talent and performance problems  by analyzing them across 5 levels of measurement 

3) We can match assessed learning needs with 25 learning SOLUTIONS

HR Management is about solving 'people puzzles' with the right blend of science and common sense

Our Learning Matrix provides a broad array of alternative solutions to solve your talent and performance management puzzles.

Value is the product of successful Work-People-Environment interactions


Our analytics tools provide clients with a 'whole system' perspective of what it takes to cause successful Work-People-Environment interactions - the kind that consistently contribute Value and enable lasting work-life success.

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1) We can explain-predict-improve causes of human performance

2) Industry-leading global clients have relied on us since 1991

3) A dozen contractor badges attest to the value we create

4) Technology designed-validated in collaboration with client users

5) Practical solutions backed by science and experience

6) Custom solutions built from user validated templates

7) We complement HRIS/Platforms with science-engineering-analytics


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