Standards, Measures and Solutions to solve human capital puzzles

Standards, Measures and Solutions to solve human capital puzzles

Standards, Measures and Solutions to solve human capital puzzlesStandards, Measures and Solutions to solve human capital puzzlesStandards, Measures and Solutions to solve human capital puzzles

Tools to improve your ability to hire-develop-coach-engage-retain high-performing people



Frustrated with unmet promises of HCM Software? Odds are you don't have all the pieces to the puzzle

HR pros invest in sophisticated software platforms but still fail to solve their organizations' HCM puzzles because they are missing these 3 vital pieces:

1) Standards that define high-achievable talent-performance job requirements

2) Measures of talent that can be used to objectively explain-predict-improve it

3) Solutions to talent needs that are assessment-based and matched to choices 

The problem is not HCM software. It's the false belief that these systems are already loaded with the right talent Standards-Measures-Solutions for your unique business needs and ever-changing HR problems. Without these 3 pieces, HR software is better on paper than in practice.


We provide all 3 pieces and support to complete your HCM puzzle.



We Solve HR Puzzles By Filling 3 Gaps in Your HCM Systems


We have been filling in the missing pieces to HCM puzzles with science-based  Standards-Measures-Solutions since 1991. Our work  stems from analysis of high performers in each job plus 2 decades of research on what causes work-life success.     

Talent Engineering does not replace HCM software systems - it amplifies their utility. It does not tell users one 'best way' to manage talent, rather presents with fact-based choices. It does not burden users with high-cost, complex systems, rather it provides simple, economical templates.

It provides assessment-development resources to complement users' soft people skills with hard data on talent that completes missing pieces in HCM systems.


25 Years Research on High Performers

We used math, science and analytics to learn why performance varies and what to do about it.

Our technology is based on decades of applied research by cognitive scientists who studied thousands of high-performing people at all job levels to learn what distinguished them.

Science-Math and Analytic Methods

Value is created by causing and sustaining a successful interaction of Work-People-Environment

Talent Engineering is the practical use science-math-analytics to explain-predict-improve how real and lasting VALUE is created in effective Work-People-Environment interactions. 

Developed with Client Collaboration

Satisfied clients renewed their contracts with us annually and many issued us contractor badges

One reason clients benefit from Talent Engineering is that they helped us develop-refine-validate it.  We earned their trust by collaborating, sharing our know-how, and delivering results. 

Catalog of Science-based Tools

The centerpiece of our technology is Measurement. From this core we build an array of HCM solutions

Our team of cognitive scientists, HR Consultants, University Professors and client-users collaboratively developed a deep inventory of ready-to-use assessment-development tools

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