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Bridging Talent to Performance with technology


 HRIS and Talent platforms have generic STANDARDS-MEASURES-SOLUTIONS programmed into them. While these may work well for entry jobs they 1) too often fail to capture what distinguishes complex positions, 2) fail to capture unique Work-People-Environmental conditions in each organization and 3) remain static while the world changes.  As a result these talent systems fall into disuse-misuse.

 Talent Engineering Technology solves this problem by complement your HRIS/Talent Platforms with dynamic talent management standards-measures-solutions which can easily be customized to any job and instantly adapted  to organization/business changes. 

Technology built by Scientists and HR Consultants

3 Step Process to identify, develop, and engage talent

We use science-math-analytics to help individuals, teams, and organizations to 1) Set high-achievable standards, 2) use objective measures of performance- talent, and 3) provide an assessment-based catalog of development solutions.

 Technology Developed by Scientific Methods in collaboration with end-users 

  • Research-based Technology - we scientifically analyzed thousands of people rated in the top 20% of their job to discover the 'root causes' of their success. 
  • Blend of Science and Common Sense -  everything in our catalog was developed for a specific HR management problem
  • User Engagement -  clients are not only user of our technology, they were integral to the design, testing, validation, and continuous improvement of it. 

Our Mission is Your Success

Successful people collaborate to enable each other's success

 We're cognitive scientists, talent engineers, and HR consultants with advanced educational credentials and 3 decades of applied experience designing, testing, validating, teaching, and installing our proprietary HR management technology. 

Our specialized expertise is openly shared with all of our clients to ensure their professional success, and improve their value contribution to their organization. 

Users of our technology continuously learn, contribute and innovate


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