Talent Management Toolkit for HR Consultants

Our catalog provides standards, measures, and related practical solutions to understand and act on talent problems

7 Types of Products-Services (Click items of interest or scroll)

  1. Measurement - quantitative tools to assess performance, and talent
  2. Standards – to communicate-assess people on high-achievable targets
  3. Coaching – analytic tools that people to discover-pursue better choices
  4. Analytics – math-statistics-algorithms that explain-predict-improve talent
  5. Talent – resources to assess-develop-manage talent and job performance 
  6. Performance – diagnoses learning priorities and identifies strengths 
  7. Development - assessment-based learning in a solutions matrix

5 Levels of Measurement is our proprietary set of assessment tools and analytic methods to 'engineer' talent into higher productivity and work-life success

1) MEASUREMENT RESOURCES ( ☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. 5 Levels of Measurement ☼- Trait-style-values-skill-behavior measure

2. Climate Survey (Example) ♥ - Assess 90 attitudes and predict turnover 

3. LEAD-360 Feedback Survey ♥ - 21 competencies and 105 behaviors

4. Confidential Power Survey - Assess-teaches the effective use of power

5. Conversations Survey-Checklist ♥- Survey on Talking/Listening practices

6. Customer-Supplier Survey - relations with work suppliers and receivers

7. Skills Inventory (Demo) ☼- Lists, weights, rates, inventories skills 

8. Delegation Survey-Checklist ♥ - 3 Step checklist on how to delegate

9. Future State Survey - reveals self-fulfilling future expectations

10. Management Skills Inventory - assess managerial skills -27 standards

11. Motivation Profiles ♥- assess Achievement-Affiliation-Power motives

12. Team Diagnostic Surveys ☼- assessment battery of team effectiveness

13. Team Conflict Analysis - explain-predict interpersonal relations

14. Values Survey ♥ - online survey of your 10 most important values

15. Measures of Hiring Quality – standards and measures for hiring

High-Achievable Standards are the starting point for individual, team and organization success

2) STANDARDS ( ☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. Profiling Technology ☼- Method and value of scientific Success Profiles 

2. Consultant Profile ♥ - 1-page model of top performing consultants

3. Interview Guide ♥ - How to hire on high-achievable standards-measures

4. Self-Management Guide (Demo) – standards/measures for self-leadership

5. High Potential Engineers ♥ - engineers proposed for leadership roles

6. Work-Life Balance ♥ - standards/measures/actions to live a balanced life  

7. Job Evaluation Worksheet- sets job grades without complex procedures

8. New Hire Orientation Guide- template to plan a new hire orientation

9. Talent research – examples of setting talent standards by measuring 

10. 1–Page Performance Model– example of job-specific success criteria

11. 50 Standards of Success ♥ - self-rating of Work-People-Environment

12. Performance Factors Report– strengths, learning needs on job standards

13. Job-Compatibility Survey - candidate self-screening and job preview 

14. Team Synergy Model ♥- 17 causes of team success across 3 dimensions

15. Road Map to Our Future– template to plan-share mission-vision-objectives 

7-Step Coaching enables people with standards, measures, and insights needed to self-manage

3) COACHING ( ☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. 7 Step Coaching Demo ☼ - our assessment-based coaching method

2. Coaching Certification Courses - for managers, HR and pro coaches

3. 4 Factor Model of Success ♥ 4 interdependent work-life success factors 

4. 7-Step Coaching Orientation- coaching tools-interventions orientation

5. Assessment-based Coaching Process– how to coach with talent data

6. Profile Anchored Coaching– using high-performance models to coach

7. Future State Survey (Demo) ♥ - survey of expectations-wishes-hopes

8. Self-Management Model-Survey– assesses will/ability to self-manage

9. Life-Script Exercise- process to isolate memories shaping your life

10. Situational Coaching– Hershey-Blanchard will-ability leadership model

11. Success Brainstorming– goal setting and action plan to work-life success

12. Success Exercise ☼ - Sample of online survey report

13. Success Workshop ♥ - Q&A on workshop attended by over 5,000 people

14. Supervisor's Coaching Guide– 47-page guide for first time coaches 

15. Workshop Participant Feedback- from Success Workshop participants

Our analytics are plain-wrapper algorithms and transparent statistical tools that explain performance with data

4) ANALYTICS ( ☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. High Performing Engineers ♥ - 5 company study of their qualities 

2. Compatibility Index (Research) ♥ - performance prediction algorithm

3. Work-Life Analytics ☼ – talent analysis across 5 levels of measurement

4. Executive Team PSY Analysis- 10 top execs on 5 Levels of measurement 

5. Individual-Team Conflict Analysis ♥- accurately predict conflicts

6. Norm PSY (Demo) ♥ - analytic tools to analyze work-related personality

7. Performance Analytics ROI- Value produced from our research contracts

8. PSY Report Engineer Traits- compares top Engineers across specialties

9. PSY Trait Comparative Data Base - demo of personality surveys/software

10. Sales Variance Analytics ♥ - analysis of high Vs Low performers traits 

11. Top Engineers in 5 Companies ♥ - top engineer's traits-behaviors 

12. Team Analytics (demo) – sources of team conflicts, interpersonal dynamics

13. Turnover Research Report ♥ - sources of sales tenure/causes of turnover

14. WPE Analysis - 9 Point diagnosis of Work-People-Environment factors

15. 6-Box team Analysis ♥ - diagnoses team dysfunctions on 6 standards

The talent you see in people is only a small fraction of their unnoticed, undeveloped and under-utilized  abilities.

5) TALENT (☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. Talent Measurement Tools ♥ - alternative talent measures on 5 levels 

2. Learning Matrix - matches development needs to 25 learning solutions 

3. Work Preference Survey ♥ - identifies candidates' work-life preferences

4. Strengths Mapping Exercise ♥ - identifies, groups, and weights strengths

5. Candidate Evaluation Worksheet – compares candidates to job standards

6. Performance Interview Workshop ☼ -how to source-select high-performers

7. Domains of Genius ♥ - finds strengths, hyper-competence, genius

8. OD Project Report (Sales) – profile-anchored talent interventions

9. Social Style Career Fit – matches social style to compatible roles

10. Work Preferences Interpretation – example of job-specific compatibility

11. Work-Life Choices – strategies to gain control of your work-life

12. WLSI (Work-Life success Index) – online survey of work-life success

13. Self-Management Model– 19-page guide on how to be a self-manager

14. Talent Sourcing-Screening – using 1 Page Performance profiles to recruit

15. Self-Management Guide (HR Consultants) - standards-measures for success

The best way to leverage talent into performance is to start with high-achievable standards and then objectively measure how well they are being met.

6) PERFORMANCE ( ☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. Performance Logs (Master) ♥ - self-help guides to better performance

2. ​Networking Model ♥ - How to compliment your know-how with other's

3. Team Conflict Analysis ♥ - finds sources of interpersonal conflict

4. ABC Time Coaching/Workshop – tools-guides to manage/prioritize time 

5. Conflict Management – synopsis/action guide to Thomas-Kilman Model

6. ABC Time Machine ☼ - demos the ABC method of time management

7. Self-Management Manual– survey and 19 page guide to manage yourself

8. Critical Vs Creative Thinking-how to reason through complex problems

9. How to Set Priorities- Prioritizes-schedules tasks by Urgency/Importance

10. Meeting Planner - practical worksheet to plan-manage better meetings

11. Problem Solving Guide ♥ - guide to apply analytical/creative thinking 

12. Risk Contingency Matrix- risk-taking based on likelihood/cost of error

13. Development Guide ♥– job-specific standards/measures of performance

14. 8 Problem Solving Methods– alternative ways to manage problems

15. Team Development Workshop ♥ - team building workshop - Module 1

Development is a dynamic process of continuously learning what will add value and acting on what is learned in a collaborative 'knowledge network'

7) DEVELOPMENT ( ☼ Systems; ♥ Most Popular)

1. Performance Pyramid ♥ - how to investigate root causes of problems

2. Social Contracting ♥ - builds relations with self-aware and disclosure

3. Stress Workshop and Quiz ♥ - how to assess/reduce work-life stress

4. Development Progress Log- tracks individual learning progress-events

5. Individual Development Plan- action plans for learning

6. Self-Others Awareness Workshop ♥ - trains self-awareness/diversity

7. 21 Leader Competencies- standards taught in top business schools

8. Team Health Report ♥ – 6 process requirements to excel as a team

9. Assertiveness Strategies– methods and models on how to be assertive

10. On-The-Job Training Plan - worksheet to plan on-the-job-learning events

11. 3 Faces of Self-Others Awareness ♥ - rational-emotional-social facets

12. Gaining Control of Life Choices- tools to enable-coach self-destiny

13. 5 Stages of Leader Accountability – model and quiz on leadership growth

14. Leadership Learning Lab (L3) – module 1: defining leadership 

15. Mentoring Q&A - learn how to be an effective mentor

16. Understanding Human Nature– literature on major personality theories

Talent Engineering Technology - OUR Top 3 Products

Profiling Technology

'High Performance Profiles' are science-based models of what distinguishes people who excel in a job. It is used to manage talent in all HR functions

This scientific process clearly defines what distinguishes high performers in any job in one day and translates the high-achievable standards they set into human resource tools to better hire, develop, coach, engage and retain job-compatible people. 

We license-certify HR consultants to be self-reliant in using this technology 

7 Step Coaching Process

7-Step Coaching enables self-others awareness and insights needed to self-manage

HR pros/talent managers use it to: 1) assess and develop leaders and high potentials, 2) provide analytics on and correct dysfunctional work behaviors, and 3) prepare people for higher job and roles. 7-Step Coaching is so effective that execs asked us to teach it to their HR pros.

Psychologists, and coaches globally attend our certification courses 

Success Workshop

We discovered this 4-factors formula for work-life success by scientifically studying thousands of high-performers over 20 years

Success Workshop is 2-day self-discovery event that enables participants to achieve more lasting, meaningful, balanced success. Over 5000 participants rated it 4.5 on a 5 point scale and recommend it. 


  ♥  We certify internal HR pros to facilitate this workshop and coach

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