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What is Talent Engineering Technology?


Talent Engineering is using math, science and analytics to better assess-develop-apply talent.

If you are in a competitive industry it is no longer enough to just manage talent - it is now vital that you ENGINEER it using our science-based and user-validated assessment-development tools. 


Every person in every organization can apply our technology to improve their chances for success

Since 1991 employees, managers, plus HR pros, coaches, and psychologists  in global organizations have relied on  Talent Engineering Technology to explain-predict-improve talent and performance  


7 Core Components of Talent Engineering Technology

The 150 talent Standards-Measures-Solutions in our 7-Module catalog were developed to answer real world talent -performance problems using these resources as an HR Consultant's Toolkit 


Talent Engineering is a 3-Step process of using Standards-Measures-Solutions to enable success

We provide everything you need to 1) set high-achievable Standards, 2) objectivity measure capabilities, and 3) choose learning solutions


Our global clients have been so satisfied with our work that most issued us contractor badges

Since 1991 these leading global clients have relied on Talent Engineering Technology and entrusted us with long-term contracts to continue building it .


We returned a $14 Million ROI for one client in one year

We contributed $14,000,000 in 'bottom line results' to a client organization that offered to buy us after their CFO calculated what we saved-earned them.

Popular Uses for Talent Engineering Technology


When you set targets worthy of people's talents they typically respond  by learning how to achieve them

  Performance Profiles identify what distinguishes  top performers in each job  and then translates these high-achievable standards into hiring- development-talent management solutions.

We provide the technology and certification if HR pros want to  to apply this resource internally 


Universal truth about productivity and work-life success

WPE Analysis explores an organization's climate-culture, teamwork, talent, and work design factors   to see if  Work-People-Environment interactions are optimizing how much Value is created in a job 

WPE Analysis can be completed in 30 minutes so it is   is a fast and simple yet very powerful analytic tool.


This tool set standards of competence, weights their impact, enables skill assessment, and inventories both abilities and learning needs

Skills Inventory defines, measures, and reports employees' competence level for their job. It rates their knowledge/skill on occupation-specific tasks weighted by skill Impact-Frequency-Complexity.

Automated worksheets report  development needs, strengths,  promotion readiness, and job-person fit


Our analytic methods precisely and quantitatively explain variance in employee performance

Correspondence analysis reveled the  trait-level differences between high Vs  low performing HR managers. Data were used to set  hiring standards plus counsel people and assign  them new jobs

Our capability to predict sales productivity, turnover, and job compatibility are highly valued 



LEAD-360 measures 21 leadership competencies and 105 related behaviors. Participation in this survey serves as a learning experience, opens coaching dialog and is a trusted feedback tool

L-360 participants can complete it on their own or invite their boss-peers-subordinates to rate them 



 7-Step Coaching is an individual leadership development and change process that runs 3 to 9 months depending on performance improvement or learning targets and the participant's schedule

We not only conduct assessment-based coaching for Execs, we also certify coaching pros in our method 


Measuring people on all 5 levels takes only little more time/cost/effort for significantly more insights

5 Levels of Measurement  is an extensive array of assessment tools that evaluates the talents-skills-potential of any candidate, employee, or manager on job relevant criteria.  up to   With these tools you will have objective data on their strengths and learning needs. With these tools you can explain- predict-improve performance from its root causes. 

If you need a talent measure, we already have it, can get it...or will design it to your specifications .


Work-Life Analytics is using science and math to better explain-predict-improve Work-People-Environment interactions

  Work-Life Analytics software collects,  organizes, analyzes, and translates talent assessment and/or performance data into performance management plans, coaching interventions, learning solutions, or succession and high potential analysis.


L-360 defines 21 leadership competencies and 105 related behaviors that can be objectively measured

     LEAD-360 Survey measures leaders on 21   competencies and 105 related behaviors that were identified by analyzing what   the nation’s top 10 business schools recurring offered in their   curriculum. Clients may tailor-weight the standards to their leadership   requirements.

LEAD-360 is used globally to define, measure, communicate,   and teach leadership standards.  


Focuses attention on root causes of performance problems

 Performance Pyramids  diagnose the underlying sources of performance problems or unmet goals and provides a template for individuals-teams to find, analyze, discuss, and address the root causes

Pyramid Analysis has solved an array of business-operating-people issues for users at all job levels


Domains of Genius are the narrow bands of exceptional capability and potential than most people possess but only infrequently use and rarely develop

  Domains of Genius is an analytic tool that reveals the hidden potential in people by exploring their past successes, plus job-career related strengths, and competencies' that can be used on the job

The 'Domains of Genius' exercise is often regarded as a life-changing intervention by people we coach



1-Page Models apply the Pareto principle (aim for to gain 80% of the effect from 20% of the effort) by offering do-it-yourself concept models, worksheets instructional guides, and self-learning resources 

Everything in the collection is presented in 1-page digests that users can learn and apply on their own

Our Talent Workshops and Certification Programs


Success is best achieved by pursuing a timely balance of Performance, Growth, Satisfaction and Well-Being

Work-Life Success is so rare and fleeting we designed this 4 -Factor Model of success to share insights we gained from 20 years of studying top performers. We later added assessments/coaching tools and a workshop. 

Thousands have attended our workshop and rated it an average of 4.5 on a 5 point scale 


Talent Engineering Technology enables Work-People-Environment synergy

  Performance Interviewing is a workshop that teaches both professional and novice interviewers how to Source-Screen-Select candidates whose work behaviors, skills and personal qualities are closely aligned with high performers already in the job. 

We teach people to compliment intuition with objective measures on high standards  


Building better teams begins with understanding the principles of how successful teams are formed and  managed

 Team resources in our catalog include research   studies of successful teams, models of team dynamics, surveys of work teams-leaders-members,   diagnostics of team dysfuntion, and turnkey training materials to conduct   modular Teambuilding Workshops. 

Our teambuilding toolkit will   improve team member, leader and facilitator performance 


Always By Choice (ABC) sums up a simple principle for controlling how to use your most important  work-life resources - TIME

ABC Time Machine is a collection of resources that measure-teach-improve how people use time. It includes survey plus tools to help people set high-achievable goals, choose priorities, and schedule.


Even people who hate time management say they love to use our method because it’s as simple as ABC


Imagine what an intuitive thinker could do with complementary data/analytics

A-B Coaching certification programs  are delivered  in multiple versions for line managers, HR pros,  plus psychologists, and professional coaches. Participants learn to use assessments in coaching


The Rational self we strive to be is shaped by Emotional needs that never mature and is masked by the Face we choose to present to the world

 Self-Others Awareness is both a natural gift and  learned skill. It often distinguishes top-performers from peers with comparable intellect/experience so we devote much of our free time to EQ research.

Ask to see our inventory of assessments, models, and training on  Self-Others Awareness-Diversity

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